About ChangeNote

ChangeNote is using music to make a real difference in the community, one story at a time.

ChangeNote believes the power of music has the ability to bring love, light and hope to communities, creating change . We pair the creativity of musical artists with compelling stories through viral fundraising campaigns. During each campaign, a brand-new, unreleased single is donated to ChangeNote by a rising music star. For a two week period, that song is only available through ChangeNote.org, and listeners can download it for a $3 donation – about the price of a cup of coffee. All of the money raised will go DIRECTLY to a person, family, or community in need. Here’s where it get’s interesting – that person or family will have no idea this is happening, until the artist makes a surprise visit to them and hand-delivers the money raised. We are using music to connect people in a way like never before.

We want to build an organization that is respected for the quality of music we put on our website. We want to be a credible and trusted organization by the impact we make and the compelling stories behind each song. Lastly, we want to be an organization that is valued by the artists we partner with because of the way we promote their song and their brand, but more importantly, our incredible platform which enables them to impact someone’s life through their music.

What we’re doing is unique.

Every dollar raised in each campaign is solely dedicated to an assigned cause. Donors will always know the impact their dollars have made on someone’s life. Our motto is “One Song, One Story”. Please consider making a donation, and follow along on this amazing journey.

Carter Jordan, Founder

The concept behind ChangeNote started with a logo drawn on a napkin and a business plan written on a cross country flight in the summer of 2016. Over the previous eight years, Carter had attained professional success as a development officer for two national non-profits, learning the value of increasing the awareness and impact of meaningful initiatives through the support of individuals of influence. His development efforts centered around extensive travel to many of the largest markets, recruiting executives from major brands like Deloitte, Wells Fargo, Google, Comcast, American Express, Cliff Bar and many others.

At the same time, he had been writing and playing music on the piano – which he had pursued since childhood – and listening to renowned artists like Bruce Hornsby and Billy Joel. He began playing music professionally at the age of 17 at the Ironhorse Restaurant in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, and while he continued to perform through his time as a student at the University of Tennessee, it was lost to other priorities. He wanted to find a way to take his experience in fundraising for a purpose and pairing that with the universal language and influence of music. In doing initial research, it became clear that there was not an organization that specifically used unreleased music to raise money for an immediate need of a family or community.

The message was simple. Create a platform for aspiring and established artists to directly impact a compelling cause through a single song. That platform is ChangeNote.org.

Dylan Montayne, Creative Director

Dylan Montayne is a songwriter and producer from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dylan has been involved in music since the age of 5, when his father picked up a used drumset from a friend in exchange for plumbing work. This small, beat-up drumset was the cornerstone in a lifelong musical journey that has included playing as a traveling member of a Scottish Bagpipe band, taking the field as a member of the Marching Band for the University of Notre Dame (where he graduated with a BBA in Finance), and, later, taking on the world of hip-hop as a solo artist. This pursuit has led him to Denver, Colorado, where he currently resides, making waves in the local music scene as an electric and captivating performer, and releasing a constant stream of music to a growing audience online.

In early 2017, ChangeNote founder Carter Jordan caught wind of a viral video making the rounds on the internet of Dylan, a part-time Uber driver, rapping to his passengers. He reached out to the young artist with the intention of convincing him to donate a song to ChangeNote, but after several conversations about the idea, decided his skill set was more suitable for a bigger role with the organization.

With ChangeNote, Dylan will take on the role of Creative Director. After learning from his own experiences with viral videos, Dylan has become an expert at Social Media Marketing, with a natural instinct for making an idea “catch”. His business education, paired with his extensive knowledge and experience of the music industry, makes him a perfect fit for the role of presenting the ChangeNote vision to the world.